If it can be imagined, it can be realized in wood…

Turning a piece of wood into something that brings joy and wonder to others is something that gives me a great sense of enjoyment and accomplishment.  The world is full of inspiration, and ideas come in all shapes and forms…whether it’s something I see, or a conversation with a friend, I try to incorporate it all into my work.

Realism is something that I strive for in my wood carvings, even down to
the smallest detail.  When I carve, I try to tap into the joy of motion and life, while enhancing the natural warmth of wood as a medium.  I work hard to push the limits of relief carving.  I love the challenge of achieving the maximum amount of depth in a thin piece of wood, always trying to let light and air into the deep, dark places.  I constantly strive to learn more about the art of woodcarving, so I can share this art with students and observers, alike.

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In Sight of Home

Dylan’s latest relief scene is only 7/8 of an inch thick!Relief carving of a fisherman or seafaring looking through a spyglass. Reflected in the spyglass lenses is a lighthouse

The challenge of conveying the physical real world amount of depth portrayed in this carving ( approx. 3 feet from the end of the spyglass to the back of the shoulder), in a thin piece wood is what originally drew me to this idea when I first came up with it.  However it’s the story that I was able to Continue reading “In Sight of Home”