Carved Gun Racks

Mount Hood Lost Lake Gun Rack - Installed closeupI’m not sure if relief carved gun racks are really a new genre or not, but they are fun to do.  This gun rack currently holds the distinction of being the largest relief scene that I’ve carved to date.   The gentleman that commissioned this piece had some specific requirements, first it had to hold the two guns that he wanted displayed and second that it be mounted above the double doors to his deck.  So whatever design idea I came up with had to be able to be seen from below without the view of the relief scene being blocked by the guns.  Once we came up with the arrangement of the guns that you see in the picture, I knew we had a winner.  It was only when I went to work up my design that I realized that arranging the guns in the triangle shape caused the gun rack to be six feet wide.  Of course the great news about doing such a large carving was that it allowed me to use my chainsaw to do the initial roughing out of the carved scene.  Check out more pictures of it on the Custom Gun Racks page.