Video – Carving Hands with Dylan Goodson


Learn how to carve realistically proportioned and detailed hands!



Learn to carve realistic Hands.

With this video, you’ll be carving hands that are realistically proportioned and detailed in no time.  In the video, Dylan Goodson teaches the techniques he uses to carve hands. Paying special attention to how to form the planes of the hand and fingers, before moving on to carving details such as the fingernails and then finally how to easily create realistic flesh tones with paint.


Features include:

  • A session at the drawing board discussing the anatomy of the hand.
  • Blocking out the major planes.
  • Refining the forms of the hand.
  • Creating realistic details, such as fingernails and veins.
  • Painting the hand.
  • Includes printable bandsaw pattern and Hand anatomy reference drawings
  • The DVD version features chapters, allowing you to easily skip between sections with your DVD player remote.

Total run-time: 2 hour and 34 minutes

Attention!  The downloadable version is over 4 GBs in size, make sure that your internet connection is capable of handling it.

Additional information

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